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Thursday, March 3, 2011

The Chronicles of Amazing Mema! #2

Reading through Mom's journals is a learning experience filled with tidbits of new information. Trying to decide which short passage to share is difficult because I don't want to bore anyone with family trivia.
I have chosen to share something Mom wrote in one of her later journals on March 15, 1996 at 5:00 a.m. She had a dream about my Dad and it obviously woke her and she just decided to write about it then. Here is what she said:
"I remember two people who loved each other dearly. One was called away and the other was alone. Last nite she had a dream about him. Reality is cruel sometimes because when she awoke and knew it was only a dream but seemed so natural and real.
There were many dreams before but this time was the first and only time she could feel he had come back to her. He seemed so tired and she settled him down to rest in a nice clean, comfortable bed where he had always been. They kissed each other and she WOKE UP!
Dreams make us know what true life is all about. Life is harsh sometimes but this a sure thing - true love never ends even though separation is inevitable and real. Most of the dreams she sees him in crowds of people and once he came to her bed to wake her up for breakfast. But now she has been alone for almost 5 years.
The dreams still go on sometimes. This week his presence was so real in my memory, the feeling is AWESOME! I think I just don't want to forget our wonderful life together. God surely made us one in our married life together. We will live forever as he always said and I always believe it to be true. We had 54+ years together."

In a later journal (10/98) Mom wrote this about my Dad - "Harold has always said 'we have made our mark in this world' and he was very proud of our family. He is our model for living and what a great pattern of life he will always be for us all. In August 1989 he made this remark 'I have no regrets', and I agreed to that heartily!"

I share these words with my readers to simply show that true and lasting happiness is not only a possibility but a reality. It takes some hard work and lots of patience and forgiveness along the way but what greater heritage can parents leave to the generations that follow them than the affirmations of true faith in God our Father and unconditional love for each other!
Amazing Mema is a testimony to all that can be good in life. Even her dreams blessed her through the years since my Dad died in October of 1991. She is still living a blessed life in a place where there is much that can be depressing.
Stay with me on this journey and you will be blessed as am I.

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